KeraCel is using a battery data management system from Peaxy to digitize its R&D and manufacturing.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.—KeraCel reported it is using a cloud-based data analytics program from Peaxy to improve the speed and efficiency of its research and development program for solid-state batteries.

Keracel ( is working to bring to market a next-generation solid-state battery design and manufacturing method that will enable production of cells with ceramic-based electrolytes and lithium metal anodes. The company is aiming to achieve twice the energy density at lower than 50 percent of the cost of today’s lithium-ion cells for the same energy level, while improving safety. Its 3D print manufacturing process is said to allow virtually any shape or size of cell to be built directly under the control of software, without changing equipment or tooling.

“Our mission to bring next-generation solid-state batteries to market requires a robust and proven data infrastructure,” said Robert Bagheri, CEO of KeraCel, in a prepared release. “Peaxy’s expertise and track record in managing and modeling battery assets makes them the ideal partner — one that will ensure our ability to swiftly and continuously innovate.”

To help KeraCel succeed in its mission, Peaxy is adapting its cloud-based battery data management system, Peaxy Lifecycle Intelligence for Batteries, to support KeraCel’s highly innovative battery concept and manufacturing processes. Peaxy’s Design of Experiments editor allows KeraCel to quickly define new populations of batteries. Multiple digital records parameterize every attribute of a battery’s lifecycle, from material precursors to manufacturing and live operation, the release said. A monitoring tool collects granular test data for every serialized battery and stores it securely in the cloud.

All this parameterized battery data forms a single source of data that, in turn, will feed advanced analytics algorithms, including machine learning, to quickly correlate performance in specific operating regimes back to aspects of the configuration or manufacturing process, according to the release.

“Providing KeraCel with access to advanced analytics that will help them achieve their mission most effectively is what makes us tick,” said Manuel Terranova, CEO of Peaxy ( “We’re excited about expanding our deep competence in batteries with another ground-breaking partner.”

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