Hannibal Industries added a second custom powder coating line to meet customer demand. (Photo: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES—Hannibal Industries, one of the largest steel pallet rack manufacturers in the U.S., recently added a full, second custom powder-coating paint line to its manufacturing in facility in Los Angeles, in part because of growing demand for larger warehouses that use pallet rack. The company also added 12 new tube sizes to its offerings, Hannibal said in a release.

The new powder-coating paint line includes the most recent technology available, allowing Hannibal to more quickly rotate projects. This purchase was part of Hannibal’s business strategy to expand its customer base in late 2019 and early 2020. The same strategy led to the increased number of steel tubes, and to a 50 percent increase in sales staff.

Using two paint lines instead of one not only improves production time; it also eliminates delays and waste when changing colors during a paint run.

“Hannibal continues to invest in new technology and increase its focus on what will help maximize production in relation to customer needs, and this new paint line will help us meet those goals in a big way,” said Steve Rogers, executive vice president of Hannibal Industries. “We just announced our robotic frame cell equipment last month, and this is just another example of our commitment to our customers and our employee owners that Hannibal will continue to lead and invest where it makes the most sense.”

Hannibal Industries said its forecast calls for expanding its tube line with several new sizes in 2020. New sizes added in 2019 include round, square, and rectangular shapes.

“Hannibal Industries has been a leading provider of carbon steel tubing to a variety of industries for more than 30 years, and 2019 gave us an opportunity to make fresh investments in our staff, as well as our product line that are available now to customers across the U.S.,” said Reed Reynolds, COO at Hannibal Industries. “In 2020, we are focused on providing even more value to our existing customers, as well as new customers that have need of readily available tubing in a broad variety of sizes and shapes for just about any application.”

Hannibal Industries, Inc., headquartered in the Los Angeles metro area, is a pallet rack and steel tube manufacturer with a diverse product line. The employee-owned company is said to be the largest U.S. manufacturer of steel pallet rack west of the Mississippi River. Hannibal Industries was awarded a patent in 2006 for a pallet rack system adjustable safety restraint, and a patent for its TubeRack in 2015.

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