VALENCIA, Calif.—H&H Machining Center, a provider of precision machined components and assemblies, has attained ISO 13485 certification for medical device manufacturing, H&H said in a release. The company is also an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier to aerospace and defense manufacturers.

H&H’s areas of expertise include DFM (design for manufacturing), R&D (research and development), reverse engineering, prototype, and production. The company specializes in ultra-precision CNC machining, holding tolerances as tight as ± 0.0001 inch. Its machining services include micro-machining, microscopic deburring, Swiss-type machining, precision CNC milling, CNC turning, grinding, wire electrical discharge machining (EDM), ultrasonic cleaning, and assembly.

The firm’s post-machining services and processes include anodizing, welding, heat treating, NDT (non-destructive testing), passivation, and plating. H&H Machining Center is also said to have extensive experience with a wide range of materials, including  stainless steel, Inconel, titanium, silver, cobalt, tungsten, nickel, and aluminum, among others.

Components that are precision machined by H&H, as well as assemblies, are used in numerous applications, ranging from dental and orthopedic to cancer detection and therapy. Additional applications include medical imaging (PET, SPECT, CT, and MRI); preclinical imaging research; in surgical devices; pharmaceutical development research; and radioactive device containment.

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