DECORAH, Iowa—With requests for custom rotational (CRM) on the rise, Iowa Rotocast Plastics, Inc. (IRP) has expanded its team to grow its capability in this specialty, the company said in a press release.

Rotational molding (rotomolding) is a versatile and economic process for producing one-piece, seamless construction parts out of plastic. The lightweight parts resist corrosion, offering superior product longevity and ultimate design flexibility to meet project specifications, the company said. They can also be processed with a variety of colors and finishes.

“With lower labor costs than traditional fabrication processes, as well as lower set up and tooling expenses than many other molding processes, rotational molding can be a great option for a wide variety of projects,” said Robert Shaw, R&D manager at Iowa Rotocast Plastics.

In 2019, IRP expanded its research and development team. It also added new design engineer resources and is nearing the launch of a new website featuring enhanced content around its custom rotational molding capabilities.

Iowa Rotocast Plastics (, founded in 1986, is an established manufacturer and supplier of merchandising equipment for the food and beverage industry. Headquartered in Decorah, the family-owned business offers brands divided into three main product categories: RotoTough products that include ice-down merchandising products and case stackers; wire racks and electronic refrigeration; and IRP’s fabricated food and beverage equipment built for on premise or off premise.

The company caters to beverage brands and food service and hospitality groups. It also works directly with stadiums, venues, and arenas to fulfill year-over-year needs.

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