Argus Ethernet IDS is integrated with NXP S32G vehicle network processors to protect in-vehicle ethernet networks from cyber attacks

TEL AVIV—The automotive industry faces new cybersecurity challenges and risks as ethernet networks become an increasingly vital component for in-vehicle architectures in the connected and automated mobility ecosystem. In response to these challenges, Argus Cyber Security and NXP® Semiconductors have joined forces on an integrated system that allows car makers to protect ethernet network communications based on the NXP S32G vehicle processor.

The joint offering combines Argus’s Ethernet Intrusion Detection System (IDS), which detects malicious activity at the network and application layers, with NXP’s S32G processor, Argus said in a release.

Argus’s Ethernet IDS uses an engine built on knowledge gained from extensive cyber research of in-vehicle network behavior, the company said. It reports intrusions to the automaker’s Automotive Security Operation Center (ASOC), allowing the event to be analyzed and managed across the fleet.

NXP’s S32G processor, described as a “key building block for future vehicles,” is reported to provide more than 10 times the performance and networking of NXP’s previous family of automotive gateway devices. It is also said to create new opportunities with service-oriented gateways. The S32G integrated network acceleration technology offloads its multi-core Arm® Cortex® processors to focus on valued services, according to the release.

The combined offering is said to equip vehicle systems with the ability to detect and respond to cyber security incidents. In doing so, it enables car makers to comply with current guidelines and upcoming UNECE regulations on vehicle type approval with regard to cyber security, the release said.

“With Argus Ethernet IDS integrated with the NXP S32G processor, car makers can accelerate the development and deployment of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), modern service-oriented gateways, and other mobility innovations, with the assurance of the best in cyber security,” said Nir Rozen, vice president, product, at Argus Cyber Security. “Together with NXP, we are protecting some of the most critical components of a vehicle.”

Argus’s products and services are aimed at helping to detect and respond to cyber attacks that target a vehicle component, network, or post-production fleet. The company’s research team helps identify existing and potential risks, threats, and vulnerabilities in vehicle network elements and other key components, while preparing customers for emerging regulations. Its customers across the globe include car manufacturers, their Tier 1 suppliers, and aftermarket connectivity providers. Argus ( is headquartered in Tel-Aviv, with offices in Michigan, Stuttgart, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Seoul.

“We are pleased to work with Argus to enable advanced Ethernet IDS capabilities leveraging the network acceleration technology NXP introduced to the automotive market with the S32G,” said Brian Carlson, Director of Product Line Management for Vehicle Network Processors at NXP. “With our combined expertise, we offer automotive customers a differentiated IDS solution that can increase the security and safety of future connected vehicles.”

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