PITTSBURGH—Physical Optics Corporation (POC) is using Ansys simulation software to develop avionics for U.S. military aircraft, according to a release from Ansys. The release said the software—Ansys SCADE for ARINC 661—will enable POC  to develop the avionics faster, speeding certification and integrating new functionality at a much lower cost.

U.S. Department of Defense legacy aircraft that are equipped with aging avionics and controls require costly upgrades to add new capabilities. As avionics software becomes increasingly sophisticated, the needs to comply with complex requirements, satisfy safety-critical standards, and reduce costs present major development challenges. However, efficient model-based software development with qualified code generation offers a more streamlined approach to decrease software cost and development while effectively managing highly complex designs, the release said.

“We selected Ansys SCADE for ARINC 661 with the hope of significantly streamlining model-based software development and lowering the risk path to certification,” said Omar Facory, vice president of Mission Systems at POC, in the release. “Ansys SCADE 661 is instrumental for driving interoperability and reusability — enabling our team to easily update new functionality for military aircraft as it becomes available.”

Ansys SCADE for ARINC 661 is reported to provide excellent model-based software development and automatic qualified code generation to quickly create and certify avionics software. Development time can be greatly reduced while adhering to ARINC 661, DO-178C, and the FACE Technical Standard.

“Ansys SCADE for ARINC 661 provides the ability to rapidly generate avionics software in full compliance with ARINC 661 and enables alignment to the FACE Technical Standard,” said Eric Bantegnie, vice president and general manager at Ansys. “This delivers outstanding reliability, dramatically increases productivity, achieves a top-tier level of quality, and swiftly expedites software certification, while fully qualifying with DO-178C.”

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