FREDERICK, Md.—Electronics manufacturing services provider ACDi recently made a capital investment in printed circuit board inspection technology and equipment at its Nashville, North Carolina factory, ACDi said in a release. The company installed 3D imaging technology that includes new Koh Young KY8030-3 3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) and Koh Young Zenith Alpha HS 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Systems.

Electronics manufacturing industry standards estimate that approximately 70 percent of surface mount technology (SMT) process-related defects originate from the solder paste printing process. Most SMT screen printing systems incorporate, at a minimum, 2D AQL selective inspection capability. However, having newly installed 3D solder paste inspection (SPI) enables ACDi to not only verify the area (L/W) coverage of paste, but also analyze third dimension, volumetric deposition of solder paste.

Adding this capability as an inline, standalone machine directly behind the printer reduces the screen printer cycle time, according to the release. It also enables 100 percent 3D, real time total board paste inspection, stopping the process and prompting immediate operator process engagement and equipment adjustment as necessary. Additionally, the KY 8030 SPI system is Industry 4.0 capable for direct machine-to-machine interface with the factory’s Juki G-Titan automated printing system.

Once 3D SPI process verification has been assured, populated circuit board post-reflow 3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) capability validates 2D component placement accuracy related to presence, X/Y alignment, orientation, and character recognition. It also enables third dimension imaging to verify Z-height factors, including coplanarity, lifted leads, discrete SMD head-in-pillow (HiP), bridging, and overall solder joint integrity (insufficient or excess).

One of the reasons ACDi ( selected Koh Young was to ensure commonality of equipment manufacturers at its Frederick corporate and Nashville production facilities. Standardizing on equipment supports business continuity factors. It also facilitates collaboration among production and engineering staff at both sites, the company said.

American Computer Development Inc. (ACDi) provides electronics manufacturing, engineering, and design expertise to help companies successfully bring their electronic products to market. Its services include product engineering support, PCB layout, new product introduction (NPI), and electronics manufacturing. The company also offers testing, systems integration, and product lifecycle management services.

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