PITTSBURGH—Intervala, LLC, a manufacturer of high-reliability, precision electronic and electromechanical products, recently reached a three-year agreement with new customer OnSite Waste Technologies, Inc., to manufacture OnSite’s innovative TE-5000 medical waste processing unit, the company reported in a release.

The TE-5000 is an easy-to-use, desktop unit that converts regulated medical waste, such as sharps and red bag waste, into sterile garbage that can be discarded in regular trash. Intervala will manufacture the equipment at its facility in the greater Pittsburgh area.

As OnSite’s manufacturing partner, Intervala (www.intervala.com) will produce complete, ready-to-use units that incorporate a variety of custom printed circuit boards and electromechanical assemblies manufactured in-house. The company also will provide direct-order fulfillment services, shipping the fully tested, operational units to end users, including medical and dental offices, labs, and other small-scale generators of hazardous medical waste.

“We are honored that OnSite has selected Intervala as its manufacturing partner and thrilled to assist them in taking their exciting and market-disrupting technology to market,” said Teresa Huber, Intervala president and CEO, in the release. “Our business with OnSite is an excellent example of how Intervala draws on its full-service capabilities—including engineering, materials management, assembly and integration, test, and direct-order fulfillment—to tailor a manufacturing experience to each customer’s unique requirements. We are delighted to employ this approach in our work with OnSite and to add this innovative leader to our expanding medical customer base.”

OnSite Waste Technologies is pioneering a novel way for medical practices and other generators of medical waste to dispose of their hazardous medical waste conveniently in their regular trash. The TE-5000 is a simple-to-use desktop-sized unit that converts regulated medical waste into sterile garbage for small-scale medical waste producers. It is said to reduce the liability associated with the traditional method of hauling waste by eliminating the time waste sits in a practice.

“Realizing our dream of bringing to market a new method of convenient, safe, and cost-effective medical waste technology requires a highly capable and reliable full-service manufacturing partner, and we have that in Intervala,” said Brad Barnes, CEO of OnSite Waste Technologies. “The technical expertise, flexibility, and customer-service orientation of the Intervala team is second to none, and we are thrilled to have them on our journey to revolutionize the medical waste disposal industry.”

Onsite (www.onsitewaste.com) is headquartered in Newport Beach, California.

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