Esys Automation designed, built, and installed the system in nine weeks

AUBURN HILLS, Mich.—Esys Automation, a JR Automation company, reported that it set a new project delivery record when, in just nine weeks, the company designed, built, and installed an automated robotic system for applying urethane to automotive glass. The system required a design that could accommodate eight glass styles for two vehicle models with a common, single unload point. Projects of this size and scale have a typical lead time of twenty-six weeks, the company said in a release.

Esys leveraged its extensive expertise from past glass projects to meet the tight deadline. To date, Esys has installed automated glass systems—including Ford’s first collaborative robot system for applying urethane to automotive glass—in nine Ford facilities.  Leveraging the previous designs allowed the cell design to be completed in only two weeks.

“We are proud of our expert team in glass sealing systems and technology,” said Scott Claxton, vice president of Esys Automation, in the release. “Executing this aggressive project is a testament to all who contributed. We completed designs quickly and achieved expedited lead times on major cell components, which helped immensely in achieving the nine-week delivery goal.”

Esys installed the robotic glass urethane system in Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant and achieved a production-ready state in only five on-site days. Even with the compressed time frame, Esys incorporated enhanced operator interface features to ensure success for plant operators. The company also provided four weeks of 24/7 support after start of production, including robotic and PLC engineering training, according to the release.

Esys Automation, a JR Automation company in Auburn Hills, Michigan, specializes in vehicle assembly applications in areas such as press, powertrain, plastics, body assembly, paint, sealer, final assembly, and tire and wheel.

In 2019, JR Automation was acquired by Hitachi, Ltd. With this partnership, JR Automation provides customers a source for “complete integration of their physical assets and data information, offering greater speed, flexibility, and efficiencies towards achieving their Industry 4.0 visions.”

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