A sampling of CNC Swiss turned parts produced by Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing. The company produces these parts with diameters up to 1-¼ inch. Photo courtesy of Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing.

CLACKAMAS, Ore.—Precision machining company Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing, Inc., has opened up its capacity to produce ventilator parts and other urgently needed medical supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to company president Greg Cde Baca, Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing has made available between 200 and 300 hours of immediate machining capacity. The company is ISO 9001:2025 certified and has 24-hour manufacturing capability.

“We offer precision multi-axis Swiss machining of critical, close-tolerance components made from most metals and plastics,” Cde Baca wrote in response to an online survey. “Our CNC Swiss machines can adapt to produce a multitude of simple to complex components.”

Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing is an experienced supplier to the medical industry, having produced a variety of parts used in defibrillators, surgical appliances, ultrasound equipment, and angioplasty procedures. The company offers “more than 75 years of manufacturing and engineering experience,” Cde Baca said.

Pacific Swiss can also manufacture parts with diameters down to 0.010 inch. Photo courtesy of Pacific Swiss & Manufacturing.

Pacific Swiss uses CNC Swiss turning to manufacture parts up to 1-¼ inch in diameter. It can also employ CNC Swiss micro and miniature machining to produce parts down to 0.010-inch diameter. All of the company’s manufacturing is done at its facility in Clackamas, Oregon, a community located about 20 minutes east of Portland.

For more information, contact Greg Cde Baca at 503-557-9407; email: greg@pacificswissmfg.com.

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