Engineered Products Sales Company ( sells a wide range of engineered products that protect people and equipment, chillers with a 60-plus hear history of precision and custom quality, and lubrication products for numerous industrial applications.

Engineered Products is located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, and it serves customers in Southern California, Southern Nevada and Arizona.

“We work with OEMs, system-integrators, distributors, resellers and end-users alike,” EPSCO said on its website. “We pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our customers. This allows us to be most familiar with their needs and problem solving objectives. EPSCO works with everyone . . . end-user one-offs, machine tool rebuilders, system-integrators, engineering solution distributors, import/exporters and OEMs, to name a few.”

When Al Raboff founded the company in 1961, people were passing around hand-drawn designs on carbon paper, mailing proposals and waiting for quotes to be mailed back. EPSCO modernized itself as did the rest of the industry in the last 59 years, expanding beyond Southern California to provide manufacturing solutions for many industries.

“Our primary goal is to help customers solve their problems by offering quality, cost effective solutions,” EPSCO said. “There is no application too small and our sales services are free.”

It represents Dynatect Manufacturing, a maker of dynamic equipment protection equipment, including custom protective covers, flexible cable and hose carriers, aluminum roll-up doors, precision ground ball screws, continuous mechanical slip clutches and molded rubber urethane products. It represents Dimplex Thermal Solutions, including Kooland Koolers, a U.S. manufacturer, as well as the Riedel North American Precision Cooling, a German brand. It also represents Timken Interlude, which is a supplier of automatic lubrication systems for fluid grease, food-grade grease, standard grease and oil. This equipment is used in the food processing industry, machine tools, textile manufacturing, packaging machinery and industrial wood working equipment.

EPSCO represents Salzer USA, a US distributor of rotary cam and disconnect switches. Salzer USA also distributes cable connectors and control boxes. In addition to their switch design, Salzer switches can also be customized.

“With decades of application experience, we’re here to review and advice. We can discuss your application and help identify the most efficient and cost effective solution,” EPSCO said. “No matter the size of the application, we are available to visit your facility and review your requirement.”

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