Seastrom Manufacturing has been manufacturing custom products in the United States for nearly 100 years. It specializes in precision custom stamping, CNC machining, Swiss CNC machining, 4-slide, multi-spindle screw machining and engineering.

“Our products are precision, close tolerance parts that are used in products that impact our lives, from airplanes and the space shuttle to computers and lip stick tubes,” Seastrom said on its website. “Seastrom manufactures electrical and electronic assembly hardware for all industries.”

Today Seastrom Manufacturing’s customers include Fortune 100 international manufacturing firms who make commercial jets and helicopter engines as well as military helicopters and jets. It includes companies that make elevators, aerospace equipment, optical equipment, air drones and sea drones, military armored vehicles, PPE medical supplies, and other hardware. Seastrom quality certifications include ISO 9001: 2015, AS9100 Rev. D, DFARS, ITAR, and others.

“As a full-service manufacturer, we can help our customers save time and money on a custom product beginning with the design process,” Seastrom said on its website. “Seastrom has multiple methods of manufacturing (ie. Stamping, CNC, Screw Machine, Four Slide) which translates into a vast amount of knowledge that our customers can draw upon. Our in-house engineering departments can work with our customers’ engineers to recommend manufacturing methods, materials, tolerances and configurations that are possible in each method of manufacturing.”

Its engineering pages offer potential customers dozens of tips on how to order a part simply and completely. It offers tips on dimensions, thicknesses and tolerances, temper and hardness, flatness, on metal and non-metals material characteristics, on material finish characteristics, on metal and non-metal material properties. That information is found in Engineering Data, or in its Engineering Reference Handbook, or in the Product Directory or in “How to Specify Special Parts.”

“This information is to broaden your design capabilities by acquainting you with the characteristics of each. An informed decision on which type of part you need to specify, in most cases, will reduce your design, tooling and production costs,” said the introduction to the Engineering Reference Handbook on the Seastrom webpage.

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