Mayfly Manufacturing in Santa Clara, California, prides itself as being a one-stop shop for design, engineering and manufacturing in Silicon Valley.

“Mayfly Manufacturing is proud to manufacture our products in-house in Northern California. This allows us to have the highest controls over quality and precision. Local manufacturing also reflects our priority for engaging with the community and supporting the local economy,” Mayfly said on its website,

Mayfly’s services include engineering design, such as 3D models, complete 2D drawings, piece-part and component design. It extends to reverse engineering and computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing.

Its processes include CNC machining of one-offs and prototypes, as well as large and small production machining and its machining materials list includes aluminum, brass, bronze, stainless steel, mild steel, alloy steel, plastics, and composites, such as Garolite G10/FR4.

In the micro milling and drilling processes, Mayfly produces one-offs and production micro machining. It offers high RPM spindles capable of running drills and endmills under 0.39-inch.

Its quality control includes first article inspection and up to 100 percent in process inspection. Additional services include deburring, anodizing and powdercoat finishing, assembly and shipping.

Mayfly’s milling equipment includes 3-Axis CNC mills up to 30 inches on the X axis, 16 inches on the Y axis and 20 inches on the Z axis. It operates a Kurt 6-inch double station vice, other Kurt Single Station vices and a Pierson Workholding SmartVac Vacuum System.

It offers a vibratory tumbler with plastic, ceramic and walnut shell, media. Its inspection equipment includes a granite surface plate, height gage, Meyer gage pins, Mitutoyo Grade 0 gage blocks, and assorted Mitutoyo and Starrett measuring equipment.

For cutting, Mayfly used a 9-inch by 16-inch horizontal bandsaw. Its services include MIG welder, Autodesk Fusion 360 and Autodesk Inventor Professional.

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