CAD/CAM Consulting Services Inc., Guided CNC Machines since 1993

CAD/CAM Consulting Services Inc., has provided manufacturing engineers and manufacturers with software to shape metal on CNC machines since 1993, growing to be one of the nation’s top Mastercam and other CAD, CAM, and DNC, shop management system distributors in sales, training and support.

Company President and Founder Tom Shelar sold and supported Mastercam and other CNC software systems for 12 years before founding CCCS in 1993.

“In addition to the sales, training, and support offered for the Mastercam products, CCCS partners with other leading providers of CAD, CAM, DNC, shop management systems, and machine tool manufacturers and distributors in the region to offer integration and support services,” said CCCS’s website, “From water bottles to medical devices, race cars to bicycles, airplanes to keyboards, Mastercam has likely played a role in its production. Machine shops in Southern California benefitted from the suggestions, training, technical support, and installation of Mastercam systems by our staff over the 27 years this company has served the same market. Whether you work or own a business with CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, Multi Tasking Machines, CNC Routers, or Wire EDM machines, we have the high tech software products you need for optimal success and safety while you’re on the job.”

CAD/CAM Consulting Services Inc., works to seamlessly integrate its customer’s operations, machinery and overall working environment by distributing Mastercam software, plus Moldplus, NCSimul, Cimco, and Verisurf software to operate any CNC machinery its customers operate. In addition to offering top CNC software, CAD/CAM Consulting Services Inc., also offers industry-trained staff who provide comprehensive classes to cover the training and education needed to use it. CCCS also offers ongoing technical support to quickly resolve any technical issues that might arise. Using online technical support software, CCCS staff will help the customer trouble shoot issues.

CCCS offers in person and online training for users of CNC software. Training is aimed at nine or 10 students, each with a computer with the goal of offering a fast-paced course to give programmers the maximum content in the shortest amount of time. This hands-on training is focused on operating the software efficiently, trial and error tool design, and simulation of tool path cutting to graphically represent what tool cuts look like. In-person classes are held at CCCS locations in Newbury Park, California and at Anaheim, California. Online and technical support training is also available through web seminars, GoToMeeting, StreamingTeacher, Mastercam University Online andMasercam Certification.

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