SANTA MARIA, Calif.—New Age Enclosures manufactures high quality custom and off-the shelf electronic enclosures to exacting international quality and design standards at its Santa Maria plant.

New Age was founded 2004 with three guiding goals, which are, “Develop an off-the-shelf line of electronic enclosures designed for today’s smaller electronics that look good.” The second goal gives customers the opportunity to quickly customize an enclosures with colors, printing, CNC cut-outs and other processes into the exact enclosure they want. New Age shortens that key step to save the customer development time. The third goal is to build long-term relationships through good communications and reliable performance.

“We provide comprehensive customization services to complete the look of your end product,” New Age Enclosures said on its website. “Our customization services include, CNC Cutouts, Direct to Part Marking, Custom Colors & Materials, RF/EMI Shielding, Tooling Inserts, and 100 percent custom enclosure design and fabrication.”

Its enclosures are used for batteries and handhelds, as USB enclosures, for utility and desktop purposes, for industrial and outdoor purposes, on walls, pole-mounted, speakers and dongles and other purposes. “We will customize any of our off the shelf plastic electronic enclosures to meet your PCB specifications,” and those cut-outs can be made for electronic connectors, LEDs, switches, dials, keypads and layovers, among other design considerations.

“No matter how simple or complex your enclosure requirements are, our team will provide you with exceptional customer service.” For example, the mini AA wall kit measures 3 inches long by 2.1-inch wide by 1.2-inch high, so it started as a black rectangle. Once the customer customized it, the plain black box had a company-blue top, a four-color logo, printing, cutouts for dials and cables, plus an LED window. On the company’s Design Idea’s webpage, the possibilities seem endless. “We will assist you in making our Off The Shelf Enclosures into Market Ready Enclosures for your end product.”

New Age Enclosure has years of experience making custom enclosures from prototype for customers. “In addition to Off-The Shelf and Market-Ready Enclosures, New Age is your single source solution for completely custom designed enclosures. We offer turn-key CAD design, prototypes, tool build, and mass-production injection molding services.”

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