EnMasse Design (www.enmassedesign.com), based in Mountain View, California, specializes in industrial design and product development ranging from small hand-held devices to large systems and vehicles. “Our areas of expertise include conceptual development, industrial design, user interface design, mechanical design and engineering, manufacturing and graphic design,” the company’s website said.

“We have in-depth understanding for balancing design, engineering, manufacturing and technology,” the company said. Its services include full-service product design and development; industrial design; mechanical design and engineering; user interface design; rapid prototyping; mockups, volume studies; foam models, appearance and functional models.

The service list includes machined part design, sheetmetal and other metal forming. It offers both electrical engineering, system engineering, software, product architecture and electro-mechanical systems. It offers design for manufacturing, assembly cost estimating, tooling and cost reduction.

EnMasse Design assisted customers developing entire systems, including for biotech, a new design language, industrial design, and injection molded part design for an entire line of instruments. It worked with a medical customer on the conceptual design, integration guidance, screen layout and icons for industry leading newborn hearing screener that combined screening software and a database application that offered ease of use, improved workflow and aesthetic elegance.

Clients come from medical, biotech, consumer, industrial, scientific, energy, equipment, defense/aerospace industries.

Founded in 2002 by Industrial Designer Jeff Gamelsky, the name EnMasse was chosen to illustrate the collaboration of a group can be more powerful when the synergy of the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts. Each individual is valued for his or her unique contributions, and the discipline of industrial design represents building products for mass production. En masse from the French meaning in one group or body; all together.

“Our typical clients are startups, small and mid-cap companies where we engage a design process that utilizes observation, innovative thinking and analysis. We have in-depth understanding for balancing design, engineering, manufacturing and technology.”

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