IPE, or International Polymer Engineering (www.ipeweb.com), Tempe, Arizona, specializes in manufacturing custom ePTFE and thermoplastic extrusions. IPE is ISO 13485:2016 certified, and produces medical parts for OEMs, physicians, dentists and medical device companies. It produces parts for aerospace, automotive, energy and for the 3D printing industries as well.

“Our multi-disciplined engineers work with our customers to develop material configurations to solve their engineering needs,” the company’s website said. “We use the latest in polymer technology and automated extrusion techniques to reduce costs and shorten lead times for the manufacture of small diameter tubing. IPE uses top quality FluoroFlex™ ePTFE, FEP, nylon, polyurethane, and other thermoplastics to extrude materials to customer established specifications.”

IPE parts have included facial implants, scar fill, submalar implants, malar implants, chin implants, premaxilla implants, nasal implants, dorsal nasal implants, nasal labial fold implants and lip implants. IPE produces a line of replacement biopsy channels for repair or manufacturing of endoscopes. IPE developed a line of micro-bore ePTFE and melt thermoplastic tubing and rod. The tubing sizes range from 0.0366-inch with a wall thickness of 0.002-inch. The material ePTFE comes in sheets, rods and in tubes, each with its unique characteristics. The sheets are used as dental barriers and implants, facial implants, gasketing, and as chemical or temperature barriers. The rods are used in sutures, strain relief devices, sewing thread, filtration and in wicking devices. The tubes are used in bending sections, instrument covers, stent covers, endoscopic working channels, ozone delivery, vascular devices and aeration and deaeration of caustic fluids, among others.

In addition to ePTFE, (Polytetrafluoroethylene), IPE manufactures thermoplastic extrusions in numerous materials for industries that require tight dimensional control and extensive documentation. The company uses 100 percent virgin, medical grade PTFE and 100 percent virgin thermoplastic materials.

International Polymer Engineering Inc.’s vision is to provide our customers with innovative, high-quality products and services that consistently exceed expectations, the website said. “This is accomplished through continually examining and reviewing our existing products and researching and developing new materials and technologies. IPE’s engineers focus on innovation.”

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