ORION, MICH. — A collaborative robot system introduced by Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) is said to enable manufacturers to use a single portable robot for different applications on the plant floor. The customizable jobHopper is a fenceless, portable automation workstation that permits side-by-side work with human operators. It features FANUC’s collaborative robot and controller to achieve a balance between productivity and flexibility, AMT said in a release.

The jobHopper offers hand-guidance capability and an intuitive flowchart-style operating system with touchscreen interface. This enables quick deployment to complete a variety of tasks, including pick-and-place, machine tending, inspection, and more.

“As manufacturing returns to the U.S. through the recent reshoring trend, the market for collaborative automation has exploded,” said AMT President and CEO Michael Jacobs, in a statement. “AMT has been receiving many requests to provide flexible, portable collaborative automation to manufacturers in a variety of industries. We developed jobHopper to fill this need, which has been increasingly requested by our customers.”

More information about the jobHopper is available at https://www.appliedmfg.com/jobhopper.

Applied Manufacturing Technologies (https://www.appliedmfg.com) is an independent North American provider of full-service systems integration services to manufacturers, robot companies, systems integrators, line builders, and users of robotic automation worldwide. The company also offers engineering services such as turnkey industrial controls, robot programming, and automation consulting. Its customers have included manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, medical, alternative energy, fabricated metal, industrial machinery, rubber, and plastics sectors, among others.

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