HUDSON, N.H.—Medical and dental parts are a specialty of Omni Components, a versatile precision machining firm that offers engineering services and design for manufacturing support. According to Omni Components Director of Sales Chris Holka, the company has built its reputation on doing the “tough jobs” — holding extremely tight tolerances on parts down to 0.0001 inch.

“Customers understand that Omni has a reputation of not shying away from difficult and complex components,” Holka said in an emailed response.

Omni Components is an ISO 9001- and ISO 13485-registered company that has long specialized in Swiss-style CNC multi-axis turning. The company offers precision multi-axis machining services that also include large multi-axis turning, 5-axis milling, and sinker and wire EDM (electrical discharge machining). Omni also produces parts for industries like aerospace and defense, robotics, automotive, firearms, and commercial high-tech.

“Our manufacturing team is constantly looking for ways to improve machining processes to offer robust components at a better price faster,” Holka said. “Using the latest programming technologies with our state-of-the-art machinery allows Omni to produce exactly what our customers require.”

Omni uses Swiss-style Citizen Cincom lathes to machine medical parts for orthopedic and dental implants, as well as medical instrumentation. These parts include bone screws for spine and wrist applications. They also include taps, drills, and a variety of instrumentation used in surgeries. The company also employs its 5-axis milling centers to produce complex cervical and wrist plate components.

“Being in the medical market pushes us to maintain finishes on components that others may find ‘overkill.’ We like to say our parts are like fine jewelry, maintaining superior finishes, flatness, and associated geometric tolerances,” Holka said.

The company employs 85 team members at its two facilities, including its 50,000-square-foot headquarters in Hudson. Holka said the company is continuously vertically integrating to become a full-service contract manufacturer.

“We have integrated many different peripheral services, including laser marking, laser welding, citric passivation, and titanium anodizing. This was done so we could control lead time and cost that came with outsourcing these processes. Now, we are in control of those steps for our customers,” he said.

Omni recently expanded to Frisco, Texas, opening a 28,000-square-foot facility that mirrors the firm’s Hudson, New Hampshire facility. The expansion was undertaken to better serve Omni’s customers by adding capacity and instilling disaster mitigation, according to Holka.

“Our biggest strength is creating a partnership with our customer for the long term,” Holka said. “We understand our customer needs and make it our goal to maintain this partnership by providing excellent customer service and industry expertise.”

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