The RCG tactile dome is designed to maintain electrical contact despite the possible impediment of debris. Image courtesy of Snaptron.

Snaptron’s unique design addresses a crucial pain point for customers

WINDSOR, Colo.—A design feature in a new series of metal tactile dome switches addresses a crucial pain point for customers—loss of electrical contact between the dome and board due to the buildup of debris. The RCG series, recently launched by Snaptron, features a unique ring in the center of the dome that helps reduce impact from contamination, assembly tolerances, or off-centered presses, according to a release from Snaptron (

The “ring” feature provides a 360-degree ring of contact to minimize the impact from contaminants. When debris obstructs the circuit in one area, the ring still makes contact in another area. This feature on the dome also ensures that electrical contact is maintained even with off-center or off-angle actuations, the company said in the release.

Another feature of the RCG dome is its ability to activate multiple independent circuits. As systems continue to become smaller, engineers must make difficult decisions regarding component space and functionality. Because most dome designs only make contact at a single point in the center, the design typically only allows for a single contact pad and a single circuit closure. A fingered center pad in the RCG dome allows two or more circuits to be contacted at the same time by multiple parts of the ring. As a result, multiple circuits can be activated, even if the actuator makes uneven contact, according to Snaptron.

“The RCG series solves a variety of problems for our customers but was designed with the overarching goal—to decrease the chances of contact failures,” said Ashley Steinbach, Snaptron’s director of strategic development, in the release. “Our customers have come to know and rely on the high-quality domes and customer experience we provide. The RCG dome is another high-value addition to our product lineup that we know brings even more value to our customers’ end-use applications.”

The RCG dome offers a low profile, high lifecycle rating, multiple custom options, tactile and acoustic feedback, and a comprehensive range of forces compared to other switch technologies. It comes standard in 5.3, 6.3, 7, 8.5, 10, and 12 mm sizes with forces ranging from 200g to 500g, depending on diameter, and life ratings up to 5,000,000 cycles. All standard RCG domes are nickel plated, and custom options for size, force, and style are available, the company said.

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