Amco Polymers (, founded in 1955, supplies plastics manufacturers with a broad range of polymers and compounds for use in aerospace, automotive, consumer goods and medical, among other industries.

Amco, based in Orlando, Florida, helps with application development, with non-biased material selection, specification and process optimization. It offers processing and trouble-shooting support, as well as material analysis, mold filling analysis, and assistance with regulations and specifications. It can help customers with fracture and failure analysis.

“Amco Polymers has been helping customers develop compounded resins since 1955,” the company’s website said. Amco’s polymers are used in both the commodity and specialty engineered marketplaces. “We are focused on maximizing the physical properties needed while minimizing the cost to our customers.”

Once a product is formulated, Amco can produce volumes from 50 pounds to 5 million pounds at various facilities around the U.S.

Amco is a member of the Plastics Industry Association, the Manufacturers Association for Plastic Processors and the Society of Plastic Engineers.

“As well as being a distributor of a wide variety of resins, Amco Polymers offers a wide variety of custom compounds, color concentrate and recycled products that we manufacture at our manufacturing plants with extremely high-quality standards,” the website said. “In addition, we have a wide variety of lab tests that we do at our manufacturing plants that can assist our customers in resin selection.”

Among its quality certifications is ISO 10993, and ISO 9001:2015 for sales, distribution and customer service of engineering and commodity thermoplastic polymers and compounds. It can also help customers with automotive PPAP documentation and FDA compliance while meeting a variety of environmental standards.

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