National Chromium Co. (, in Putnam, Connecticut, offers hard chromium coating, electroless nickel plating and a variety of metal finishing operations in a facility that has grown from 750-square-feet into 18,000-square feet since its founding.

National Chromium offers its metal finishing specialties to the makers of mold components, shafts, tool & die, hardware, commercial, machinery cutting tools, office equipment and other products.

The two processes, hard chromium coating and electroless nickel plating add strength, durability, hardness, and corrosion resistance to the material. They also reduce friction, with hard chromium coating being slightly less frictive than a part plated in the electroless nickel plating process. That comes in handy for a part used in an assembly.

“National Chromium stays current with the latest developments in Hard Chromium technology so that customers can be assured of knowledgeable operators working with top-of-the-line equipment who care about quality and on-time performance,” said John Miller, president and CEO, on the company’s website.

Hard Chromium coating is used where hardness is required, such as in machinery. Its resistance to abrasives extends the life of mold components, eases mold cleaning and helps with release. Hard Chrome is used to repair worn or scored machine parts, cylinders, and shafts.

“Our on-time delivery and total customer satisfaction is set in a modern plating facility, where we meet the Connecticut and Federal Environmental and Safety regulations,” the website said. “We maintain a high level of quality coating services, and are compliant with the OSHA Chromium PEL Rule.”

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