High-touch parts feature built-in antimicrobial layering technology

DALLAS—Aereos, Inc., a manufacturer of aircraft interior parts and products, recently introduced what it called the first built-in antimicrobial high-touch parts for aircraft interior cabins and lavatories. Designed by Aereos Interior Solutions, one of five Aereos divisions, the antimicrobial parts are reported to provide long lasting protection against harmful microbes.

“Our interior parts are the first line of defense to protect passengers and crew during their flight by providing a layer of protection not available in the market until now,” said David Baker, partner at Aereos, in a company release. “This antimicrobial layering technology is built-in throughout our high-touch cabin and lavatory antimicrobial parts, such as tray tables and toilet seats. It only makes sense for airlines to replace older parts with ones that add layers of protection at no incremental cost.”

Numerous airlines—including American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines—have implemented more stringent procedures for cleaning aircraft surfaces before allowing masked crew and passengers to board. They, along with aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus, have also reported equipping some of their aircraft with HEPA air filters that recycle the cabin air every 2-4 minutes.

Aereos Interior Solutions attacks the issue of harmful microbes that accumulate on high-touch surfaces during an airplane flight. The new antimicrobial technology is said to provide the missing link between two distinctly different but compatible types of solutions in the market today. By reducing growth of harmful microbes on surfaces in aircraft cabins and lavatories throughout the flight, it adds a layer of protection not currently available in the market, the company said.

“In response to the current worldwide pandemic, we are also adding a line of antimicrobial coating solutions that prevent harmful microbes from propagating on high-touch surfaces like galley cart handles and arm caps,” said William Montgomery, partner at Aereos, in the release.

Engineers at Aereos and its divisions are focused on precision manufacturing of custom antimicrobial interior product, as well as component repair and overhaul, and “unique FAA-engineered repair solutions.”

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