SANTA CLARITA, Calif.—Avantus Aerospace, a provider of C-class and composite parts for the aerospace and defense industry, recently announced that it acquired California Screw Products (CalScrew), of Paramount, California. CalScrew is a manufacturer of high-strength precision fasteners for commercial and military aerospace applications.

Avantus said in a release that CalScrew has a natural fit with other companies within in the Avantus group, including FTC (Fastener Technology Corp), acquired in December 2019, and FIT (Fastener Innovation Technology), acquired in September 2020.

CalScrew (, founded in 1984, has built a strong reputation as an innovative and reliable supplier of difficult-to-manufacture ‘standards’ for more than 45 aircraft platforms, Avantus said. Some of its customer relationships are said to span multiple decades, including those with Boeing (including BDSI), Incora (Wesco), Honeywell, Collins, Pratt & Whitney, GE, Airbus, and Lockheed Martin.

“The CalScrew team is known for taking care of their customers, and we are excited about dovetailing their unique fasteners into our expanding product line-up,” said Avantus CEO Brian Williams, in the release. “Our combined strength allows Avantus to continue offering a diverse range of high-quality products with exceptional customer service.”

The existing management teams will continue to operate and grow the business under the guidance of Fastener President Dennis Suedkamp, and Director of Business Development Larry Valeriano. Larry was formerly the president of CalScrew.

“California Screw Products is a well-known brand in the fastener standards market, and looks forward to joining FIT and FTC as another integral company in the Avantus fastener and C-Class portfolio,” Valeriano said in the release.

Avantus Aerospace (, formerly Shimtech Group, is owned by Inflexion and Auctus Industries. Inflexion is a European mid-market private equity firm that invests in high growth, entrepreneurial businesses. Auctus Industries is a specialist investor in aerospace businesses, focusing on off-market deal sourcing and the execution of buy-and-build acquisition strategies, the release said.

“The future appears very bright as Avantus focuses on sound companies that respect their employees and what they bring to our customers—technical soundness, innovation, high quality, and world class service,” Dennis Suedkamp said in the release.

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