Midwest Precision’s DMG Mori CMX1100V Vertical Mill is connected to Versa Built’s X-160 with ABB IRB1200 Robot Automation Cell. (Photo courtesy Midwest Precision / PR Newswire)

EASTLAKE, Ohio—Midwest Precision recently boosted its capacity and reinforced its capabilities for precision machining by adding two Makino A51 Horizontal Mills with 24-pallet MMC automation, accompanied by a DMG Mori CMX1100V Vertical Mill with a Versa Built Automated Loader, to its Eastlake, Ohio facility. The Tribus Aerospace company can provide unattended “lights-out” manufacturing operations—overnight or between shifts—to maximize productivity and reduce costs, Midwest Precision said in a release.

“This latest investment in manufacturing technology helps Midwest Precision deliver value-added product solutions to our customers, who are seeking best-in-class supply chain partners that can meet critical time-to-market deadlines and budget targets,” said Russ Mulh, program manager for Midwest Precision, in the release.

The two new Makino A51NX Horizontal Mills have been automated with the Makino Model MMC pallet changer to increase efficiency, as well as overall capacity and lights-out performance. In addition to the MMC automation, the new Makino mills feature a 1,000 psi chip blaster, 14,000 rpm spindle speed, 8-nozzle coolant through-spindle, chip conveyor, and 133-position automatic tool changer system with tool load station.

The DMG Mori CMX1100V Vertical Mill, connected to Versa Built’s X-160 with ABB IRB1200 Robot Automation Cell, is also fully operational. The new DMG Mori Vertical Mill also features a center through-spindle coolant system, chip conveyor, and 60-tool storage capacity.

Midwest Precision (https://www.midwestllc.com/), formerly Midwest Screw Products, specializes in close-tolerance CNC machining of all types of stainless steels, nickel alloys, titanium, aluminum, steel, and brass, in complex configurations. A Tribus Aerospace company (https://www.tribusaerospace.com/), Midwest Precision manufactures precision machined components and assemblies for the aerospace, defense, energy, fluid power, and industrial markets.

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