Schlegel’s Doubleshield Grounding Pads are reported to provide a reliable grounding contact on printed circuit boards. (Photo courtesy PRWeb/Schlegel Electronic Materials)

Schlegel EMI’s Doubleshield Grounding Pads are said to ensure electrical performance without breaking under mechanical stress

 ROCHESTER, N.Y.— Schlegel Electronic Materials Inc., a manufacturer of electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding gaskets and thermal interface materials, recently expanded its elastomer line with the addition of its Doubleshield Grounding Pad product, the company said in a release. Schlegel’s Doubleshield Grounding Pad is reported to ensure electrical performance without breaking under mechanical or environmental stress throughout the lifetime of the product.

The Doubleshield Pad connects printed circuit boards (PCBs), equalizing the potential voltage difference between them, and connects PCBs to a grounding point on the metal cover. It is delivered in tape-and-reel packaging for automated placement and soldering reflow using standard SMT equipment.

Flexible and easily compressible, the pad can take up tolerances and close the gap between a PCB and another component, in addition to providing a reliable grounding contact. It has a hollow profile with a core of soft silicone and a shell of electrically-conductive silicone rubber filled with Ni/C particles. The pad is laminated with a solderable metal strip in nickel alloy 201, the company said.

Schlegel’s EMI shielding products address customers’ requirements for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in a variety of markets, from computers to telecommunications, military, medical, and electronics. More information is available at

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