Epilog Laser (www.epiloglaser.com) has developed small-format, computer-controlled laser engraving and cutting systems for 32 years, and its newest laser, the Epilog Fusion Edge comes either as a C02 laser or a fiber laser. Epilog’s goal has always been designing and manufacturing the highest quality laser systems.

The portable desktop laser has the power to etch or engrave many materials, including metal, wood, leather, slate, acrylic, stone and plastics, with Epilog.com saying the Fusion Edge has the fastest engraving speed in a compact format in the industry.

The Fusion Edge work area is 24 inches by 12 inches with a maximum depth of 7 inches. The C02 wattage is 30 watts, or 40 watts, 50, or 60 watts. The fiber laser is 30 watts. Both are air-cooled. The resolution, which is user-controlled, ranges from 70 to 1,200 dpi. The unit weighs 138 pounds.

In the C02 mode, it will engrave or cut wood, acrylic, fabric, Delrin, cloth, leather, matte board, melamine, mother of pearl, paper, Mylar, pressboard, rubber, wood veneer, fiberglass, cork, Corian, and plastic. In the fiber configuration the Edge can directly engrave metals, tile, aluminum, steel, brass, titanium, base metal, marble, glass, coated metals, and ceramic.

Epilog Laser’s website includes enthusiastic customers who use their Epilog lasers to make and decorate numerous items, including trophies, paper sushi, signs, watch faces, rubber stamps, games, pancakes, marketing materials and giveaways, chocolate, trade show displays, wine bottles, wine glasses, fabric and textiles, architectural models, wood and shell inlays. People have used the laser to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween with Baby Yoda. The applications seem somewhat endless.

Other Epilog lasers start with the Zing for entry-level engraving and cutting, followed by the Helix, which is 30 percent faster than the Zing. It features 1,200 DPI engraving. The Fusion Edge combines the company’s top of the line technology with 120 IPS engraving and 5G-acceleration. The Epilog Fusion Pro is Epilog’s largest format machine with the highest quality engraving, touchscreen controls and IRIS camera positioning. The Epilog G2 laser system offers high-speed laser engraving and marking over a large work area. Epilog Lasers are assembled from 95 percent U.S. components at the company’s Golden, Colorado headquarters.

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