December 18, 2020

ATLANTA—Phoenix Stamping Group, a division of PHX Holdings, reported that it purchased Stampsource, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based metal stamping and fabrication manufacturer that supplies a global customer base. The acquisition brings more than 50 employees to Phoenix Stamping, along with added capacity and redundancy in metal stampings, fabrication, tool and die design, and kitting and assembly, the company said in a release.

Stampsource will be integrated as Plant 04 of Phoenix Stamping Group, and Michael Pinkerton will continue to serve as general manager of the facility.

Phoenix Stamping Group ( is a metal stamping and fabrication company that supplies sheet metal and rod products primarily to the material handling, towable trailer, truck aftermarket, and agricultural equipment markets. It is the largest division of PHX Holdings. The company, founded by Bill Chapman in 1986, currently has more than 200 employees and has increased sales five-fold over the past 10 years, the company said in the release. Chapman’s son, Brandyn, has been involved in the company since 2001 and assumed the role of president in 2005.

PHX Holdings ( is based in Atlanta and currently has facilities in Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Fort Wayne, Indiana. The company owns Phoenix Stamping Group, GTC Machining, and PartWorks. All of the PHX companies are owned by a partnership between Brandyn and JBA Capital, a Columbus, Georgia-based investor group focused primarily on small-to-mid-size manufacturing companies.

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