Adams Campbell ( is a family-owned, 100-years-plus old metal manufacturer that meets the highest modern production and quality standards.

The Adams Campbell Company was founded in downtown Los Angeles, where it operated until 1981 when it moved to the City of Industry, California. Its current owners, the Gabel family, have owned it since 1916.

Adams Campbell offers a complete prototyping department with engineering, planning, programming and fabrication personnel to meet each customer’s design schedule. On-staff experts offer design consultation on manufacturing and design. “Enhanced work process flow incorporating CNC punching, forming, and hardware processes for shorter lead-times,” the company’s website says. “Managers know they have to work smarter, not harder, but how? This is true for the organization, the people and the business.”

“Our value proposition allows you to use us in the design stage, work on prototypes to ensure design matches intent and utilizes our extensive tooling inventory to find the most cost effective solution to your design challenges,” Adams Campbell says.

Adams Campbell works with customers to minimize production and per piece cost. It offers quick turnaround of prototypes and first articles to quickly meet production needs and the customer’s challenges are its chance to demonstrate its ability to exceed expectations.

Adams Campbell works with its customers by scheduling deliveries of smaller quantities as the parts are needed. It can hold months worth of stock to be delivered as needed with the customer paying as the items are delivered to ease cash flow. “Our smaller Just-In-Time orders we schedule around your needs,” Adams Campbell says.

Adams Campbell recognizes that each customer needs to do more with less, do it faster and Adams Campbell’s ingenuity finds hidden assets that enable the customer to get the most out of everything they have.

“When it comes to efficient, multi service metal innovation and creation, you won’t find a better solution than Adams Campbell. We have built a facility, technology base, and equipment offering that is capable of providing every conceivable-stamped, deep-drawn and fabricated item – all without concern to thickness, complexity or quality,” Adams Campbell says.

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