DOUGCO Metal Finishing ( in Oakland, California for the last 56 years, has deburred, burnished and finished quality metal parts since its founding. DOUGCO specializes in mechanical mass finishing of manufactured parts.

DOUGCO Metal Finishing is used by aerospace firms, artists, mass production consumer goods firms, and for one-off prototypes. The firm works with a customer until the part or first batch meets the customer’s finish requirements, and then DOUGCO uses that study to reliably replicate that result in the future. Burnishing can produce a mirror-like finish on certain metals. Deburring involves tumbling parts with an abrasive media that smooths parts as it presses and rubs against the part surfaces, edges and corners.

“We can remove burrs from metal stampings, castings, forgings, extrusions and much more,” DOUGCO said on its website. “Deburring tends towards a matt finish, while burnishing provides a shiny finish. There are endless methods to deburr and burnish. Contact us to develop the process that best fits your needs.”

In addition to large production projects, DOUGCO works with prototypes and with individuals, and its work is confidential. “We do small jobs as well as large, or sometimes just a single item. We do not offer customer tours of our facilities so the only people with access to your parts are a small number of DOUGCO staff.”

It can finish 3D plastic parts in many cases. It can remove the layer lines and prepare the parts for painting, if required. An estimate for the time required to finish a part is three to five days after it arrives at the plant, although a faster turnaround can be negotiated. It also finishes metal 3D parts. “Metal surfaces are our specialty!”

Another specialty of DOUGCO’s is its ability to combine several metal finishing processes to achieve the finish a customer wants. Such a process might start with robotically polishing a machined forging to remove the parting line. Then a vibratory finishing process with a ceramic media to remove rough edges, followed by a plastic media to create a smooth surface. That could be followed by a dry finishing process and then buffing. Other options are available.

DOUGCO Metal Finishing is not a plater. It doesn’t do electro-plating or chrome plating. Some customers use DOUGCO to prepare their parts for plating, but DOUGCO does not do any plating. It has no minimum part size, but DOUGCO can talk to customers about finishing larger parts, those beyond several feet in size.

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