COLUMBIA, S.C.—ZVerse reported that it released the next generation of its Digital Manufacturing Enablement (DME) platform, an AI-driven system aimed at eliminating disparate and time-consuming activities around the design-to-manufacture workflow.

According to a release from ZVerse, the DME platform features a unique user interface and advanced algorithms. Its tools are said to enable manufacturers to assess, measure, and communicate part and related design information with the multiple constituents involved in product development and manufacturing.

“OEMs across almost all manufacturing verticals, including industrial, automotive, consumer durables, aerospace, and beyond, will benefit from ZVerse’s groundbreaking technology and user experience to solve problematic roadblocks that cost time and money in bringing products to market,” said David Craig, president of ZVerse, Inc., in the release.

As digital manufacturing becomes more of a strategic imperative for OEMs seeking to speed products to market, ZVerse offers a means for creating agile processes between design and manufacturing teams. The DME platform allows OEMs to reduce the number of design iterations, as well as engineering change orders and cost requests. It also automates and scales 2D CAD file to 3D models, and assigns part manufacturability at the material, process, and machine level, the company said in the release.

“ZVerse has a deep understanding of DFM (design for manufacturability) and the challenges that interfere with a smooth handoff between product development and manufacturing teams,” said Graham Bredemeyer, head of platform at ZVerse, in the release. “We’ve defined a whole new space and solution for information gaps that impede the digital manufacturing process.”

ZVerse (, founded in 2013, created CAD as a Service (CADaaS) by providing manufacturable 3D CAD files to service bureau customers. In response to demand for PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic, ZVerse began to leverage its DME platform in March 2020 to design and produce American-made face shield products. The company said that it has provided millions of ZShields to frontline workers, educators, restaurants, and the community at large.

ZVerse won a 2020 Fast Company Innovation Award for its ZShield face shield design.

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