DALLAS—Auto manufacturers reduced downtime and increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of their assembly lines by more than 15 percent using ONE Tech’s MicroAI™ and Helio technologies, according to a release from ONE Tech.

ONE Tech (https://www.onetch.ai) is a developer of edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Its MicroAI is a sophisticated proprietary machine learning algorithm that lives directly on a machine or small IoT device. The technology provides automotive OEMs deep insight into the behavior, health, and performance of their equipment or devices, such as robotic welding arms across automotive assembly lines. Automotive OEMs often face unexpected downtime and static maintenance schedules, which induce unnecessary costs and avoidable service hours. Lack of visibility into asset performance means they can react only when a problem shuts down a line, the release said.

Helio is ONE Tech’s server that allows organizations to deploy MicroAI on multiple devices simultaneously. It enables performance benchmarking, health data visualizations, and field service workflows, such as workorders, and more. Helio consolidates disparate data sources into a single system for driving deeper insights into operations, such as machine and operator performance, planned versus actual cycle-times, utilization, signs of failure, patterns in downtime events, and more resolution into downtime events, according to the release.

By creating more visibility into the operations of individual manufacturing lines, specifically,  the causes of unplanned downtime and nuisance events, plant managers can make adjustments to reduce those events to keep operations running smoothly. This improves overall output of the line, which increases OEE, ONE Tech said in the release.

“Auto manufacturers have struggled with visibility into the health of their automated systems and, because of that, productivity on their assembly lines has suffered,” said ONE Tech CEO Yasser Khan, in the release. “With ONE Tech MicroAI and Helio, automotive OEMs can be less reactive and more predictive in regard to device and machine maintenance, making them more productive and profitable, and leading them down the path to Industry 4.0.”

In one use case, an auto manufacturer was finding that its robotic welding arms across an automotive assembly line were performing at a lower than expected OEE of 50 percent. Productivity and uptime metrics were not within acceptable levels, and the factory was leaving billable machine hours and production on the table. Using ONE Tech’s MicroAI and Helio, the manufacturer reportedly increased its OEE to 80 percent.

Additional benefits for the auto manufacturer were said to include less unexpected downtime, reduced maintenance visits, and faster identification and remediation of critical machine issues, leading to higher uptime. The manufacturer also received accurate and real time status of machine health, according to the release.

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