HORSHAM, Pa.—Spain-based DigiProces Electronics Manufacturing Services recently selected Aegis Software as its provider of IIoT-driven, manufacturing execution systems (MES) software, Aegis said in a release.

DigiProces’s culture is based on implementing continuous improvement methodologies. The company wanted to take the next step in its digital manufacturing strategy—to create a physically and digitally homogenous data-driven shop-floor. Its choice of MES software was critical to this vision, where automated advanced analysis of data provides visibility and control of live operations, according to the release.

“Our understanding of customers’ current and future needs drives our need for innovation,” said DigiProces CTO David Batet, in the release. “We found that many solutions in the industry were either immature or required needless legacy interface hardware, which we felt would ultimately compromise our business goals. By contrast, we were impressed to find the ideal industry-standards based IIoT-driven MES solution with Aegis FactoryLogix. Their fast response to questions and requests showed that they understood our needs, which also impressed us over other suppliers.”

The pragmatic approach taken by DigiProces is said to have created a modern, flexible, and highly capable customer-focused manufacturing service.

“The immediate recognition of Aegis’s differentiating technology by DigiProces, and subsequent plans for rapid adoption, are a great endorsement of our strategy to lead the industry forward towards practical, realistic, and affordable digital manufacturing solutions,” said Aegis Software European Managing Director Daniel Walls, in the release.

DigiProces (https://www.digiproces.com) uses customer-focused, IPC standards-based tools and technologies to deliver direct customer value. Services provided by the company include engineering and product development; advanced supply-chain management; accelerated new product introduction; logistics; and after-sales service.

Aegis Software (https://aiscorp.com) provides an MES platform that is said to give assembly manufacturers “the performance, flexibility, control, and visibility they require.” The company’s software is reported to be used in more than 2,100 factories worldwide, spanning the military, aerospace, medical, and automotive industries.

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