Optimas offers rapid prototyping, full-scale production of cold-forming engineered fasteners, components

GLENVIEW, Ill.—Optimas Solutions has re-engineered its manufacturing capabilities at its main facility near Chicago to offer an array of fastener manufacturing services directly to OEMs in North America, the company said in a release.

Optimas Solutions is a global industrial manufacturer, distributor, and service provider that specializes in fastening components and supply chain services. By adding manufacturing services to its supply chain services for OEMs, the fastener supplier is able to offer what it called “a full breadth of manufacturing and distribution solutions to support OEMs.”

As part of its “Manufacturing Solutions” strategy announced in August, Optimas has established a dedicated operational group based at its facility in Wood Dale, Illinois, to directly serve OEM customers with its advanced manufacturing services for fastener products.

“We’ve invested $10 million in our onshore manufacturing operations since 2012,” said Marc Strandquist, CEO of Optimus Solutions, in the release. “That has allowed us to offer the most advanced and fastest production capabilities in the industry to meet today’s complex part requirements from OEMs here in North America.”

Optimas has built upon existing capabilities to deliver custom manufacturing services required by OEMs. The company offers cold forming capabilities (larger and existing small diameter of M2-M22), rapid prototyping with 3D printing capabilities, and 11 licensed offerings. These offerings include Mortorq®Super, FASTENlite™, Hi Torque®, MAThread®, MATpoint®, Phillips Square-Driv® ACR, PLASTITE®, POWERLOK®, TAPTITE 2000®, TAPTITE Pro®, and REMFORM®.

In addition, the company offers application engineering services for production of custom manufactured products, and a specialty focus on vertical industries that these capabilities and services best address. Such industries include agriculture, automotive, heavy truck, recreational vehicles, furniture and appliance, and medical equipment.

The company has strengthened its in-house engineering, tooling, cold forming capabilities, licensed offerings, and quality labs to provide a competitive range of production options.

“As an ISO 14001/9001 and IAFT 16949 certified fastener manufacturer, we can efficiently address the needs of OEMs for rapid prototyping, full-scale production, high-demand production, and specialized licensed and engineered offerings better than any of our competitors,” Strandquist said. “Few in the industry offer the breadth of supply chain capabilities we do to OEMs.”

Strandquist outlined numerous assets that support the company’s manufacturing strategy for OEMs. For one, Optimas has ISO 14001 and 9001 certifications, as well as IAFT 16949 certification, to ensure that staff, processes, and technology are current with the latest manufacturing and sustainability protocols. The company’s state-of-the-art facility and equipment includes 139,900 square feet of manufacturing and distribution space and 106 dedicated machines, ranging from single-die to six-blow stations. Its in-house tool and die makers are said to be highly skilled, with immediate access to engineers and machine operators to help improve quality and reduce lead time and cost.

Optimas also has decades-old relationships with nearby manufacturing companies that offer numerous choices for secondary material processing and finishes—and make complex part manufacturing easier, the company said.

“We are laying out a foundationally solid plan that includes investing in people, processes, technologies, and organizational alignment to accelerate our ability to deliver manufacturing and engineering services to OEM customers,” Strandquist said in the release. “While we are a best-in-class cold forming service provider, the strategic goal is to further transform Optimas manufacturing into an onshore manufacturing resource for North American OEMs.”

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