Gowanda, N.Y.— Gowanda Components Group recently completed a nearly 50 percent expansion at its DYCO Electronics facility in Hornell, New York. The 12,000-square-foot expansion will help the company address market demand for its products, enhance workflow, and improve operational efficiency, the company said in a release.

“We manufacture custom components and assemblies for the rail industry, so size and scale were important drivers for this expansion,” said Greg Georgek, president of DYCO Electronics, in the release. “In addition, we’ve seen growth in our overall custom manufacturing business in recent years—with projections for that to continue—as our customers have increased their outsourcing of more assemblies to DYCO.”

DYCO also engineers custom components for aerospace, military, space, medical, and industrial applications, in addition to providing components for rail transportation.

“GCG has been strategically focused on having its component and assembly manufacturing be USA-based for decades, long before it recently became popular to do so,” said Don McElheny, CEO of GCG, in the release. “GCG’s investment in the expansion of DYCO Electronics is yet another example of our commitment to this strategy.”

Gowanda Components Group (GCG) is a U.S.-based, vertically integrated manufacturer of high performance and tight tolerance electronic components that address the needs of electronic design engineers around the world. The company’s design capabilities and products are used to enhance the performance and reliability of electronic systems in aerospace and defense, communications infrastructure, and medical applications. Its areas of expertise are reported to include magnetic devices, specialty filters, and custom designs.

DYCO Electronics designs and manufactures standard and custom magnetic components and electronic assemblies. Its particular expertise is said to be with high reliability and high-performance component applications. The company offers such products as chokes, planars, toroidal components, and transformers, including signaling transformers and power frequency transformers.

DYCO also manufactures high-voltage power supplies for the static elimination industry. Services provided by the company include coil winding, toroid winding, mechanical assembly, potting and encapsulation, and UL listed insulation systems.

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