The IOhub platform, created by EZ VPN, can be implemented without specific IT knowledge, according to its developer. (EZ VPN/PR Newswire image)

SAN DIEGO—A new open platform to control and manage data from industrial machines is reported to enable system integrators and machine builders to deploy preconfigured applications without needing to write complex custom software or codes.

The IOhub™ allows users to configure and deploy, on a remote installation or machine, a customized data collection system. Users decide where to store data—on the cloud, on-site, or even on the IOhub™ device, according to a release from its developer, EZ VPN, Inc. (

The Docker-powered platform also gives system integrators the freedom to develop their own custom and private applications using their preferred technologies, frameworks, and languages. At the same time, they can leverage existing Docker “Blocks”— from the EZ VPN/IO Industry platform and all existing Docker containers, public or private, EZ VPN said in the release.

EZ VPN, a provider of sophisticated industrial control system technology, is aiming to simplify the transition to Industry 4.0 and the implementation of new IIoT (industrial internet of things) technology. Its IOhub enables deployment of applications with a simple and user-friendly interface, eliminating needs to spend considerable time writing boilerplate code, the company said in the release.

At no additional cost, IOhub is said to provide out-of-the-box “Docker” containers integration with numerous modules, including using main industry protocols to read data from the field or machine; sending and receiving MQTT messages; creating custom dashboards; setting alerts with automatic notifications; integrating the machine to the ERP system; and storing data on the device, on premise, or on the cloud. It also includes providing web access to the file system; monitoring machine status; transferring data to cloud platforms; and running automatic backups.

Customers can “build custom applications using existing containers that are readily available on Docker Hub or any other container registry,” the company said in the release.

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