Reell’s lightweight torque insert is well-suited for automotive interiors, the manufacturer says

 SAINT PAUL, Minn.—A mid-sized torque insert from Reell Precision Manufacturing is reported to eliminate nearly all the torque required to move the hinge in one direction, without compromising the holding force in the other direction. Reell, a manufacturer of small package position control components, said in a press release that its “One-way” torque technology makes the TI-150 Torque Insert well-suited for vertical adjustment applications, where the hinge holds solidly against gravity in the downward direction while remaining easy to adjust in the upward direction.

Applications for the TI-150 are reported to include automotive interiors, enclosure doors, covers, monitors, and hatches. They also include numerous other components that require excellent position control and adjustability in the industrial, medical, office, and consumer electronics equipment marketplaces.

The TI-150’s glass-filled nylon housing is described as strong and lightweight, and it is designed to be press fit into a variety of materials. Because of its unique in-line mounting, the TI-150 is concealed from the user when installed—a feature that can reduce the overall package size and improve the aesthetics of the application, the company said.

The TI-150 uses ReellTorq® clip technology to deliver what the manufacturer called “precise and consistent torque with a fully qualified life of 25,000 cycles,” while providing smooth operating feel. John Schannach, Reell’s global product line manager, called the TI-150 “a great addition” to Reell’s portfolio.

“It provides Reell’s premium ‘One-way’ torque performance in a lightweight nylon molded torque insert that nicely complements our existing product line,” Schannach said in the release. “It is an ideal solution for automotive interior positioning applications like center consoles and cargo lids.”

The TI-150 is the latest addition to Reell’s TI-100 Series torque insert product family. The molded nylon torque insert is available in torques ranging from 2.0 to 4.0 N-m, configured for high torque in either the forward or reverse direction.

Reell Precision Manufacturing ( provides products to transmit torque, control angular position, and protect delicate components from excessive force. The company produces standard and custom-engineered motion control products that include clutches, position hinges, and precision springs, in addition to torque inserts.

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