Kimray’s T-Body High Pressure Control Valve is designed to increase uptime for oil and gas producers. (Photo: Business Wire)

Kimray’s T-Body High Pressure Control Valve addresses a major oil production issue.

OKLAHOMA CITY—Kimray recently released a new product designed to increase uptime for oil and gas producers, especially in erosive applications, the company said in a release.

The T-Body High Pressure Control Valve is designed with a strategically placed hardened wear plug, which can be easily inspected and replaced as needed. This feature is said to reduce the potential for valve bodies to be compromised, which can cause a loss of production fluid, as well as safety and environmental hazards.

“We are really excited about what this valve is going to do for our partners in the oil and gas industry,” said Brian Levings, product manager for Kimray, in the release. “Producers are dealing with extremely high volumes of production that include sand and other elements that can really beat up a valve. This new option will give them protection against these abrasives in their control valves and allow them to produce oil and gas more efficiently.”

The valve can also be configured in through-body or angle-body orientation, giving producers increased inventory control, according to Kimray.

Kimray (, founded in 1948, develops products that help customers produce energy. The company’s major customers are reported to include Marathon Petroleum, Occidental Energy, and Devon Energy. Kimray’s corporate headquarters is in Oklahoma City.

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