TROY, Mich.—FACTON, developer of the Enterprise Product Costing (EPC) suite, recently rolled out a new version of its EPC Should Costing software. The EPC Should Costing version 12 optimizes and extends existing functions for more efficiency in cost engineering and managing global and company-wide purchasing processes, FACTON said in a release.

The new version includes two key enhancements. One is an extended range of functions for the use of company-specific cost models from the EPC Cost Model Designer in the purchasing solution. The second is the implementation of a fast cost estimation function to enable a quicker evaluation of costs of components or materials in the calculation process.

Companies create digital models for cost evaluation with the EPC Cost Model Designer and integrate them directly into the EPC Should Costing software. For detailed cost evaluation, companies use assemblies and manufacturing processes and, now, the costing elements components and work steps. The new version delivers the cost model for 2-component injection molding, which can be used directly to calculate the manufacturing process, according to the release.

“The seamless connection of our purchasing solution with the EPC Cost Model Designer accelerates the processes of cost evaluation and, consequently, purchasing decisions,” said Alexander M. Swoboda, CEO of FACTON, in the release. “We have used the release to map the detailed needs of the users in our EPC Should Costing solution.”

With the new extended range of functions, purchasers and cost engineers can now benefit from a fast cost estimate in addition to the detailed cost calculation.

“The purchaser can estimate and evaluate the costs of components, materials, or work processes very quickly by simply entering two values. It significantly accelerates the global calculation processes in purchasing,” Swoboda said in the release.

FACTON ( was founded in 1998 and has locations in Potsdam, Dresden, Stuttgart, and Detroit.

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