AUSTIN, Texas—LeanDNA, a provider of factory-focused inventory optimization software, reported that VACCO Industries selected LeanDNA’s purpose-built platform to aid in inventory reduction, minimize material shortages, and optimize its supplier base.

LeanDNA said in a release that its advanced analytics provide cross-site visibility and actionable inventory recommendations that will enable VACCO to empower its team with new levels of efficiency, improve on-time delivery, and reduce operating expenses. VACCO Industries, part of the ESCO Aerospace and Defense Group, is a designer and manufacturer of specialty valves, filters, and advanced fluid control products.

“We sought a way to accelerate continuous improvement initiatives and standardize reporting in order to reduce operating expenses and make productive decisions across the factory,” said VACCO President Matt Stafford, in the release. “LeanDNA is the only tool with that level of visibility and analytics to easily predict and prescribe what should come next to optimize inventory levels and improve working capital. The insight we get from the platform also enables us to make better decisions in real time to support customers and reduce lead times, and boosts the productivity of our team by replacing traditionally manual, time-intensive processes.”

LeanDNA is said to harmonize and transform supply chain operations data across multiple ERPs into prioritized role-based actions. As a result, VACCO leadership can understand where the biggest inventory opportunities lie, how processes are performing, and where best practices can be standardized and improved. Artificial intelligence-driven, prescriptive analytics recommend the priority actions each member of the supply chain team should take to optimize inventory levels as demand changes, empowering the team to quickly execute more confidently and accurately. With easy-to-use, actionable reports and a standardized process for inventory optimization, VACCO’s supply chain team avoids spending hours on analysis and can speed the execution and oversight of strategic initiatives, LeanDNA said in the release.

“VACCO’s desire to continuously improve and elevate internal operations to deliver value for customers, partners, and employees is truly inspiring,” said LeanDNA’s Founder and CEO Richard Lebovitz, in the release. “Our goal at LeanDNA is to consolidate all elements of factory inventory management to improve total visibility and operational control. We’re excited to work with the VACCO team to help them use this insight to drive operational efficiency that enables them to exceed customer expectations and open their team up to focus on strategic activities that create organizational value.”

LeanDNA ( is said to empower supply chain leaders to “make impactful inventory optimization decisions for the factory that drive agility, resiliency, and financial growth.” By using the software, supply chain professionals can “dramatically reduce excess inventory, deliver on time, and establish operational command across their organizations,” the company said in the release. LeanDNA customers are reported to achieve an average 14 percent inventory reduction, 32 percent shortage reduction, and 18 percent improvement in on-time delivery.

VACCO Industries ( specializes in design and production of engineered fluid controls for defense, space, aircraft, and commercial markets.

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