Sine-tific Solutions Inc., ( a silk screen printer and industrial engraver in San Jose since 1963 was building its top-shelf reputation for quality in the lower San Francisco Bay area long before anyone called it Silicon Valley.

Sine-tific Solutions offers a diverse and comprehensive line of screen printed products on metal, plastic, vinyl, including dome labels and nameplates. It offers a range of engravings, including engraving metal, ID plates, metal overlays, ABS plastic overlays, as well as custom phenolic nameplates. It can chemically etch images on various materials, such as stainless steel and aluminum.

“On-time delivery, competitive rates and attentive customer service,” brings customers back to meet their industrial engraving and labeling nees, the Sine-tific Solutions Inc., website said.
Sine-tific Solutions can chemically etch images, names, numbers and other symbols, such as serial numbers, logos, product details, contact information and more. Customers use it to create business cards, nameplates, tags and labels. The chemical etching process creates precise small text and images, while offering high wear resistance for industrial purposes and it doesn’t alter the material properties or stress the material.

Sine-tific Solutions works with photosensitive metal that allows a customer to reproduce a photograph on a metal plate using photosensitive materials. This process is used for photographs, labels and for military specifications to label products while they adhere to Mil Spec 19834. The specification covers foil identification or instruction plates that are adhesive backed. They can be used as part of the internal or external equipment identification or instructions. These processes care used for data plates, asset tags, logo nameplates, model/serial labels and instruction labels, among others.

Sine-tific Solutions makes a range of tools to accomplish a customer’s requirements, including making a variety of stamping dies. They might include die plates, shoes, die sets, pins, bushings, heel blocks, heel plates, screws, dowels and keys. To help customers design a custom die or custom tooking, Sine-tific works with the customer’s design specifications from the first consultation, to look and function, to the CAD design and the actual construction. “Our skilled die makers are there to assist you throughout the entire process,” the website said. This work could call for a custom hard metal stamp that can be applied to metal. This type of stamp is designed to be easy and repeatable. “Metal stamps are meant to be used again and again. If you stamp your logo on every piece of material that leaves your facility, it’s important to ensure that your logo stamp looks exactly the way you want it to.”

To accomplish that goal, Sine-tific Solutions uses EDM and CNC machines to machine the metal stamps to tight tolerances and to accurate replicate a customer’s design. Metal stamps created by Sine-tific Solutions are used as mold inserts, logo stamps, hand stamps, embossing and debossing stamps, as reverse hand stamps, numberers, die stamps and machine dies, steel type, branding irons and machine dies. These metal stamps are used by the military, aerospace, medical, electrical, by industrial OEMs, panel builders, plant engineering and maintenance and in the semi-conductor industries.

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