LOS ANGELES—A new AI camera system for cloud-based inspection is reported to combine easy-to-use software, deep learning AI, and camera systems to make it faster and easier for manufacturers to deliver top-quality products to their customers. The AI camera system, developed by AI vision startup Elementary Robotics, brings advanced levels of “automation and precision to manufacturing inspection,” the company said in a release.

Elementary Robotics’s AI camera system for cloud-based inspection provides AI models that allow non-technical operators to teach systems to find defects. The system’s cloud analytics capability enables manufacturers to deploy, upgrade, and keep an eye on their production lines remotely, from anywhere in the world, the company said.

Manufacturers have long used computer vision to inspect products for defects or other problems. However, this traditionally involved programming rules for identifying flaws, making it time-consuming to deploy and change the equipment. Using AI, inspection systems can be fed examples of particular flaws or be trained on what a product should look like and asked to identify abnormalities. The use of AI-based vision yields 90 percent more detections in manufacturing and can be deployed in less than 30 minutes, according to Elementary Robotics.

Elementary Robotics, founded in 2017, has built a hardware and software platform for applying machine learning and computer vision to achieve intelligent automation of quality and traceability workflows in manufacturing and logistics. The company said that to date, several manufacturers in consumer packaged goods (CPG), logistics, and automotive have deployed the AI camera system, including industry leaders such as Toyota.

“Elementary is solving a massive problem that customers need to solve around visual inspection in the trillion-dollar manufacturing industry,” said Mohammed Islam, partner at Threshold Ventures, in the release. “The rapid adoption of new applications enabled by computer vision is growing exponentially. Elementary’s new Cloud-Based AI Camera System for inspection is an industry first that will finally bring the level of automation and precision to manufacturing inspection that has been needed for years.”

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