An aluminum nitride (AIN) heater manufactured by Oasis Materials. (Oasis Materials/PR Newswire photo)

VALENCIA, Calif.—Fralock Holdings, LLC, a developer and manufacturer of engineered advanced materials for critical applications, recently acquired Oasis Materials, according to a release from Fralock Holdings. Oasis Materials is a manufacturer of high-performance ceramic heaters used in semiconductor, medical, aerospace, and defense applications.

The acquisition will enable Fralock Holdings to incorporate Oasis Materials’ technology into its existing products. As a result, it will be able to offer a wider variety of capabilities for customers seeking cost-competitive ways to augment precision thermal management in critical applications, Fralock said in the release.

“The acquisition of Oasis Materials enables us to offer more alternatives, especially in active thermal applications that can significantly improve our customer’s products and their bottom line,” said Marc Haugen, CEO, Fralock Holdings, in the release. “This investment moves us closer to realizing our vision to become one of the world’s leading providers of engineered advanced materials solutions for critical applications.”

Fralock Holdings’ applications are used in a variety of ways, from the equipment used to manufacture silicon wafers, to medical treatment, imaging and patient monitoring, defense applications, and satellite and spacecraft components. All of these end markets can benefit from the technology developed by Oasis Materials, Fralock said in the release.

“Marc Haugen and his technical and management team have built an incredible organization that has the vision and the expertise to build upon what we’ve created,” said Frank Polese, president, Oasis Materials, in the release. “We are thrilled to become a part of the Fralock Holdings organization and look forward to supporting their continued growth and expansion.”

Fralock Holdings, an Arsenal Capital portfolio company, is a design, engineering, and manufacturing company that develops high-performance products for Fortune 500 corporations in aerospace, defense, medical, life science, and semiconductor technology, as well as other  high reliability markets. Its family of companies includes Fralock, Career Technologies USA, Mapson Engineering, and Oasis Materials.

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