Duo Form used specialty waterproof plastic from Spartech to create a luxury marine dashboard for its client. (PRNewsfoto/Spartech)

Spartech (www.spartech.com) used existing materials to deliver a high-end, soft-touch, and water-tight plastics formula to meet Duo Form’s material specifications for a luxury pontoon boat dashboard. The premium specialty plastic mimics vinyl and leather textures and is designed to withstand demanding boating industry requirements. Duo Form used the plastics material to create premium marine dashboards for its client, Misty Harbor Boats, of Bristol, Indiana.

“We needed to deliver a solution with a soft, ‘spongy’ feel that gives when you push on it, yet quickly bounces back and holds its shape and rigidity over years of use, especially in challenging, wet conditions,” said Spartech Account Manager Brandon Laetz, in the release.  “Duo Form had access to a range of plastic consistencies and gauges to help make their job easier, more efficient, and profitable.”

Duo Form Vice-President of Operations Mike Gonser said that Spartech was the right plastics solution provider for this project.

“We always know what to expect when we work with Spartech,” said Gonser. “Their proven supply chain is critical in helping us to meet tight deadlines, and Brandon and the team’s willingness to work with us every step of the way during the development process was a key factor in success.”

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