A JN White employee loads a Preco Automated Die-Cutting machine at the company’s Perry, N.Y., manufacturing facility. (JN White photo)

JN White Acquires ECI Screenprint in Strategic Asset Purchase

PERRY, N.Y.—JN White®, a manufacturer of membrane switches, graphic overlays, and custom labels, has acquired ECI Screenprint Inc., of Watertown, Connecticut, JN White said in a release.

The acquisition is said to reaffirm JN White’s commitment to keeping high-tech manufacturing jobs in the United States. The company will now operate two technology manufacturing locations—one in Perry, New York, and one in Connecticut—with enhanced engineering, production, and manufacturing capabilities across both facilities.

“This strategic asset acquisition will bring together JN White’s award-winning capabilities with ECI’s capabilities and impeccable track record, giving us access to a broader market, broader customer base, and greater market share of the membrane switch, user interface, and graphic overlay market,” said Jason Aymerich, president of JN White, in the release.

JN White, located in Perry, New York and founded in 1960, is an ISO and ITAR certified manufacturer of best-in-class membrane switches, membrane switch assemblies, complex user interfaces, and graphic overlay products. The company works with prominent product manufacturers in the defense, medical device, automotive, appliance, and consumer electronics industries.

ECI Technologies, located in Watertown, Connecticut and founded in 1991, is a manufacturer and provider of membrane switches, rubber keypads, touchscreens, thin film medical sensors, and graphics of numerous types.

An ECI Technologies employee works on the production floor of the company’s Watertown, Conn., manufacturing facility. (ECI Technologies photo)

This is JN White’s fourth acquisition, and the company plans to continue its rapid strategic growth strategy. “Manufacturing jobs can be kept in the U.S., including high-tech sectors, and we are committed to proving it,” continued Aymerich.

ECI President and CEO Edward Cook said the acquisition enables ECI to be positioned for growth for the next 30 years. “Joining forces with JN White is exactly what is needed to catapult growth,” Cook said in the release.

The release listed several advantages of U.S. manufacturing, including more jobs for Americans, reduced costs for deliveries, shorter lead times, environmentally friendly manufacturing standards, higher standards for safety and quality control, and tax revenue for the United States. When asked whether pricing can be kept competitive, Aymerich replied, “It absolutely can, and we prove it every single day.”

Customers of JN White and ECI Screenprint will experience multiple changes and improvements as a result of the acquisition, according to JN White. They are said to include access to expanded product line offerings and manufacturing capabilities, the ability to use either the New York or Connecticut facility for manufacturing, and extended engineering and design resources.

Both companies will continue to operate under separate names for the near term, with ECI Screenprint becoming ECI Technologies – A JN White Company. ECI’s employees will all remain in place, adding to JN White’s 95 employees, with plans to hire more people in the coming year at both JN White and ECI Technologies.

“Both companies have the same approach to corporate culture, symbiotic product offerings and capabilities, deep heritages in screen printing for electronic components, and diverse customer bases,” said JN White CEO Randy White, son of the company’s founder, J.N. White, in the release. “This acquisition allows JN White to expand the company’s overall value while remaining committed to advancing U.S. based technology manufacturing.

“My father built this company 60 years ago on family values, hard work, and cutting-edge technology, and I’m proud to continue that heritage with this most recent acquisition,” he continued. “With the third generation involved in the business, I look forward to JN White growing and creating a legacy for the next 60 years.”

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