TE Connectivity’s new free height computer-on-module (COM) connectors address vertical, parallel board-to-board connections that require high-speed data transmission and different stacking heights. (PRNewswire/TE Connectivity photo)

Reported to offer economical way to upgrade COM express applications to 16 GT/S speeds 

HARRISBURG, Pa.—TE Connectivity has introduced a new generation of free height computer-on-module (COM) connectors in 0.5mm centerline to address vertical, parallel board-to-board connections that require high-speed data transmission and different stacking heights. The new connectors are compliant with the COM Express Type 7 specification and can be compatible with the PCIe Gen 4 protocol, the company said in a release.

 The board-to-board stacking connectors are reported to support up to 16 giga transmission per second (GT/s), doubling the performance of most previous COM connector generations. They are also said to provide improved signal integrity supported by low insertion loss, return loss, PSNEXT and PSFEXT, whether using new receptacles and plugs, or mating new receptacles with older plugs.

According to TE Connectivity, the connectors offer a flexible, economical way to connect  next-generation CPUs to carrier boards. They support system design flexibility with configuration options in stacking height (5mm, 8mm) and pin positions (220, 440).

“When speed and performance are of the utmost importance, our new 0.5mm free height stacking COM connectors can be counted on to connect CPUs to carrier boards in a broad range of applications, including health care devices, industrial machinery, test and measurement, and telecommunication equipment,” said Sam Chen, product manager at TE Connectivity’s Data and Devices business unit, in the release. “We’re proud to provide our customers with a flexible and economic option to help enable them to reach the demanding data speeds required in today’s markets.”

There is commonly no need for customers to change printed circuit board (PCB) footprints when upgrading applications. The connectors can be an economical upgrade by keeping the same footprint as other COM standard interconnects. In addition, their improved mechanical design can reduce mating and unmating force by about 30 percent compared to previous generations, allowing for easier operation, the company said.

TE Connectivity (www.te.com) provides a broad range of connectors and sensors for the harshest environments. The components can be used in transportation, industrial, medical technology, energy, and data communications applications.

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