GLENVIEW, Ill.— As part of a strategy rolled out in 2020 to emphasize its manufacturing services, Optimas Solutions is investing in custom engineering capabilities that are designed to reduce time, cost, and waste in fastener manufacturing. Optimas Solutions is a global industrial manufacturer, distributor, and service provider that specializes in fastening components and supply chain services.

The company’s custom and collaborative design engineering capabilities offer manufacturers a way to improve their product designs, streamline production, and increase efficiency without going offshore, Optimas said in a release. It’s all part of an effort to make it easier for manufacturers to partner with regional or domestic sources for fastener production.

“We have always worked closely with our customers, but we are finding they want more of our direct involvement in improving product design and their manufacturing processes,” said Marc Strandquist, CEO of Optimas Solutions, in the release. “Our engineers have years of hands-on experience, specifically within the fastener application and manufacturing arenas. This allows our team to quickly understand U.S. and U.K. customer challenges and work with them onshore to develop solutions that improve product design and manufacturing processes.”

A Gartner, Inc. survey of 260 global supply chain leaders in February and March 2020 found that one-quarter of survey respondents stated that they have already regionalized or localized manufacturing to be closer to demand, according to the release.

Optimas Solutions ( is reported to have invested more than $10 million in its U.S. cold forming manufacturing capabilities over the last few years—principally at its Wood Dale, Illinois, facility—to further elevate its onshore manufacturing capabilities. The company has bolstered its engineering capabilities with advancements in 3D printing with plastic, carbon and steel; rapid prototyping; design software; and state-of-the-art cold forming equipment. These advancements have allowed Optimas to better leverage its manufacturing capacity for supply chain, operations, and procurement professionals responsible for fastener acquisition and usage, the company said in the release.

According to Strandquist, several contributing factors have helped Optimas to reposition itself as a custom engineering manufacturer that works collaboratively with its customers. For one, in-house application and manufacturing engineers enable Optimas to be a one-stop shop for customers looking for a source to design and produce the right fasteners for their products.

The company also has a history of offering specialty engineered cold form products that others are either unwilling, or lack the capability, to produce. Optimas offers production of custom large-scale products, in diameters from M2 to M22, for greater flexibility in fastener manufacturing. Its 106 dedicated machines include 43 cold headers and 42 thread rollers, plus shavers, trimmers, and pointing, slotting, and drilling machines, Strandquist noted.

Partnerships are another important factor. Optimas has strategic local partners for heat treating, plating, coating, patching, and other secondary processes. The company has also developed partnerships with 11 licensed brands known for innovative thread-forming and drive solutions that include weight and height savings, Strandquist said.

“Late last summer, we announced our plans to transform Optimas into the most advanced fastener manufacturer and distributor in the industry,” Strandquist said in the release. “These advancements in our engineering capabilities and the fact we are delivering results that customers want are examples of our overall strategy coming to life.”

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