NEW BERLIN, Wis.—Custom fabricator Sharpe Products is adding to its stable of machine technology with an eighth Unison bender that will help increase production capacity for a diverse customer base, the company said in a release. The additional 80mm all-electric CNC bending machine is reported to be well-suited for the strict tolerances frequently specified for parts used in the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.

“The machine helps to support our capacity to offer short lead times and consistently reliable quality,” said Paul Krickeberg, president and CEO of Sharpe Products, in the release.

“We’ve been happy with the work that we can produce on the Unison machines; they are one of our vendors of choice for our tube bending equipment.”

The two companies have worked together since about 2000. “We’ve enjoyed working with Unison over the past two decades and appreciate the quality of their products, along with their service and support, which helps us to meet the needs of our customers,” Krickeberg added.

“We’re delighted that Sharpe Products has chosen to invest in yet another Unison Breeze tube bending machine,” said Alan Pickering, managing director, Unison Ltd., in the release. “Sharpe is one of our longest-standing customers, and one of the leading specialists in custom pipe and tube bending in the U.S. today.”

Equipped with an array of leading-edge CNC pipe and tube bending machine technology, Sharpe Products can accommodate a range of tube bending projects, from 0.25 inch up to 6-inch OD, according to the release. The company’s capabilities also include fiber-optic laser cutting and end-forming.

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