May 11, 2021

NEWELL, W.Va.—Solid silicone sheeting recently introduced by Bellofram Silicones is well-suited for die-cut solid silicone gaskets and other sealing applications, the company said in a release.

Bellofram Silicones ( is a designer and manufacturer of extruded silicone and silicone sponge foam sheeting. The company makes 36-inch by 36-inch sheets, available in durometers from 30 to 80, and in thickness from 1/8 inch to ½ inch (in 1/16-inch increments). Specialized sheeting is also available, including solid silicone sheets in FDA- and NSF/ANSI 51-conforming materials for “ultimate safety in food processing,” according to the release.

Bellofram compounds its own materials in-house, including special formulations that meet high-tear, high-flex capabilities of A-A-59588 Class 3B. The solid sheet can be manufactured “in virtually any color, as with all Bellofram Silicones products,” the company said in the release .

“Our silicone sponge sheet is a mainstay of our product line and we’re pleased to bring the same Bellofram expertise and quality to this new solid silicone sheet,” said Matt Wingertsahn, general manager of Bellofram Elastomers Division, in the release. “We’re bringing great versatility to our customers with the product’s ease of converting and through the ability to order smaller quantities. I expect it will appeal to just-in-time delivery shops, as well as those that convert many different kinds of products on their own production lines.”

Wingertsahn touted the product’s conformance to NSF/ANSI 51, which suits it for food contact even beyond traditional FDA guidelines. The product is expected to be in high demand in diverse markets, including aerospace and industrial lighting, in addition to food processing. Bellofram’s investment in extended press capabilities represents its commitment to the solid sheet product, according to the company.

The availability of the solid silicone sheeting should help customers who only need a sheet, rather than a roll, of material. Buying a roll meant they would pass the extra costs on to their customers or hold costly inventory.

“We’ll just sell them one sheet,” Wingertsahn told D2P. “It allows our converter friends to have a low minimum order.”

The Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies ( is an AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 certified global manufacturing collective.

Its portfolio comprises high-performance OEM, industrial, and process control instrumentation, including timers and counters, digital controllers, RTDs, thermocouples, and pressure instruments and gauges. It also includes cylinders, natural gas and propane pressure regulators, valves, air pressure regulators and transducers, tank and liquid level measurement systems, switches, alternating relays, sensors, industrial diaphragms, and specialty silicones, among others.

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