NHanced Semiconductors’ new line could help meet needs for domestic sourcing of AP technologies

 June 14, 2021

MORRISVILLE, N.C—NHanced Semiconductors reported it is expanding the cleanroom of its North Carolina foundry to house a new high-volume line of advanced packaging (AP) equipment. The new line will run in parallel with the company’s existing prototyping and low volume production line and is expected to begin production in the second half of 2022. It will be capable of constructing up to 10,000 3DIC wafer stacks per month, NHanced said in a company release.

“Demand for advanced packaging is just booming,” said NHanced Semiconductors President Bob Patti, in the release. “We’re at an inflection point. Our year-on-year revenue doubled in the first five months of 2021; many customers are ramping up volume production.”

Another benefit of the expansion is that it will enable greater capacity for 2.5D interposer fabrication and die-to-wafer assembly. Domestic sourcing of these advanced packaging  technologies is seen as critical to aerospace and defense agencies and many U.S. manufacturers, the company said.

NHanced (www.NHanced-semi.com), headquartered in Illinois, is a U.S. pure-play advanced packaging foundry. It specializes in BEoL (back end of line) processing with such technologies as photonics, microfluidics, and additive silicon manufacturing. The company’s experience in advanced packaging includes die bonding, wafer bonding, extreme wafer thinning, copper and nickel damascene RDL, silicon interposers, chiplets, and micro transfer printing. The fab works with standard and non-standard substrates, III‑V compound semiconductors, and many specialized materials, the company said.

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